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People need to develop a healthy habit at an earlier stage in life. For example the habit of brushing our teeth has become an integral part of our day since childhood. Making a healthy lifestyle integral in our every day lives that is what I hope to achieve with this app in order for people to have a better quality of life as they get older. My strategy is to target the 40 + age group through a mobile phone app to encourage them to exercise, meet up, keep their minds active and eat well. The app is focused on four key areas: Eat, Meet, Think and Move, as there is not only one component in healthy aging but four and are all equally important in the process. The main goal is for people to create healthy habits and make good lifestyle choices.

Another key aspect is that the app creates links with organisations (food retailers, local gyms, local activities, restaurants and brainstorm apps). The app has an incentive scheme, a reward system in the form of an alternative bucket list where users can collect points towards chosen rewards. The system makes it a win win for everyone,be it businesses or people, creating a healthier aging society.

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